English - 協同組合プロード

Earth art for a breath of fresh air

・PROD's Wind Farm is earth art with a new sense of values in harmony with the global environment.

・The Silent Energy System is a generator that can be installed in towns because it rotates smoothly, and generates no noise.

・Even when no wind blows, leaving the Silent Energy System at a standstill, it sets our minds at ease as a monument. It generates electricity by a hybrid system using solar panels.

・You can enjoy new aspects of energy with our Silent Energy System, used with the devices supplied by PROD.

・We feel comfortable with wind at a speed of 2 meters per second. It is said that no electricity can be generated at such a low speed of wind. However, the Silent Energy System can generate electricity.

・At the Silent Energy System has established a method to improve generation efficiency, various shapes of blade can be realized.